Client Spotlight: The International Violin Competition of Indianapolis

| Client Spotlight

The International Violin Competition of Indianapolis (IVCI) returns to the Circle City September 5-21, 2014. IVCI, an ACG client since 2003, hosts this once every four-year event, which draws music lovers from around the globe. This 9th Quadrennial Competition is regarded as one of the most respected music competitions in the world and will feature 40 violinists from 13 countries, selected from an initial pool of 179 applicants. The first IVCI competition was held in 1982 and it has since gained Read more [...]

Best Practices in the Digital Age

| Business Miscellaneous

How prepared are you to prevent fraud or financial misstatements in the digital age?  Technological advances have forced everyone to continually reassess their internal controls.  Find out the best practices you can implement immediately when using credit cards, electronic funds transfers and remote check scanning. Technology has improved efficiency and expedited basic transactions like paying by check and depositing cash and checks.  On the downside, these improvements have created opportunities for fraud.  Because technology is constantly changing, your control environment must be continually reassessed.  Here are a few technological changes that have had an impact on a variety of cash-related transactions and should be closely overseen to minimize opportunities for fraud. Read more [...]

A Mother’s Day Tribute to the Superwoman in us All!

| News

By Natalie Hopkins     As we approach Mother’s Day, it’s generally a time we all salute the Mothers in our lives.  But can I take a moment to express how much I love being a mom?  In fact, I truly love all my jobs.  I love helping clients achieve their goals. I love watching young professionals launch their career paths.  I love being a mom and helping my young kids grow and learn each day. I love being a wife and having someone there to work with me in conquering life.  I feel like Read more [...]

Make Your Audit Count

| Audit and Accounting

By Natalie Hopkins      Governance, Fraud, Conflicts of Interest and 990 Reviews are among the hot topics that have circled the not-for-profit world the last couple of years.  Finance committees, tax preparers, and boards of directors can all provide critical information related to these areas and aim to help an Organization achieve the many goals it has surrounding fiscal responsibility. However, the annual independent audit process can also be a crucial benchmark Organizations use to measure Read more [...]