The Crystal Client Spotlight Shines on Mays Chemical

| Client Spotlight

Some people hear Mays Chemical Company and instantly recognize it as a large chemical distributor in Indianapolis. Others hear Mays Chemical Company and are reminded of the late Indiana businessman, Bill Mays, founder and president of the company for over three decades. Regardless of which comes to mind, Mays Chemical has grown into the 18th largest chemical distributor in North America while becoming an ambassador for Indiana. Mays Chemical, a client of the founders of Alerding CPA Group prior Read more [...]

Maintaining a Positive Banking Relationship – Part 2 of 3 “Smart Business Banking Series”

| Business Miscellaneous

By Chris Mennel & Natalie Hopkins    In part one of our banking blog series, we offered suggestions to assist business owners in making themselves more bankable.  However, becoming more bankable is just the beginning.  Often, once the owners have achieved their initial goal of obtaining financing or securing a new banking relationship, they neglect to maintain that relationship.  While running the business should continue to be their top priority, we believe there are several key elements Read more [...]