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At Alerding CPA Group, we measure our success by our client satisfaction. The fact that a significant number of our clients have been with our firm for 21 years exemplifies our commitment to a quality product and outstanding customer service.

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Building an Effective Audit Committee

If your nonprofit has an external audit, a dedicated audit committee can promote better financial reporting, lead to fewer fraud incidents, and help create a smoother audit process. For example, take the recent headlines regarding the Key Worldwide Foundation. It served as a front for the bribery scandal admitting children of wealthy parents into elite universities. Appropriate oversight might have identified the fraudulent activity early on, rather than from a tipster six years later.

Client Spotlight: Lily Helipads and Dotlich Contractors

Lily Helipads, designer and manufacturer of innovative landing pads for helicopters, are environmentally friendly and safe while surpassing federal aviation and hospital trauma safety standards. What makes these helipads so special is they are permeable and able to contain deicing fluid, making them more visible from above and safer to land on than competing helipads. Their proprietary design is environmentally responsible by using state of the art LED lighting.


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We are committed to being your accounting partner every step of the way so we have created helpful resource documents for you to download.


Business Tax Checklist

Download this checklist to help you gather everything that will be needed to prepare your business income tax return.


NFP Financial Statement Primer

Although nonprofit financial statements are structured similarly to for-profit financial statements, their unique names and formats can make them harder to understand. This high level overview provides a description of each statement along with key information to look for that is specific to nonprofits.


Using QuickBooks’ Income Tracker

Sometimes, especially first thing in the morning as you’re planning your day, you just want to cut to the chase and get a quick overview of your company’s finances. That’s where QuickBooks’ Income Tracker comes in.