A Mother’s Day Tribute to the Superwoman in us All!

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By Natalie Hopkins     As we approach Mother’s Day, it’s generally a time we all salute the Mothers in our lives.  But can I take a moment to express how much I love being a mom?  In fact, I truly love all my jobs.  I love helping clients achieve their goals. I love watching young professionals launch their career paths.  I love being a mom and helping my young kids grow and learn each day. I love being a wife and having someone there to work with me in conquering life.  I feel like I’m superwoman most days, and I envision myself standing on a mountain of tasks that many of us (moms, dads, caregivers, professionals, etc) handle each day.  I have on the cape and my arms are proudly on my hips with my chin held high!

Then my day starts and I over-commit myself and rush through a meeting with a young staff who deserves far more attention.  I forget to call back a client and its past my “I’ll respond within 24 hours window.”  I didn’t plan dinner and we are having pizza for the 2nd time this week.  My husband just needs clean socks and I didn’t make laundry a priority.  Truthfully, my kindergartner only practiced reading for about 5 minutes and 16 seconds…I rounded it to an even 10 minutes, which is the requested daily reading time.   After the shock wears off that my superpowers failed me, I realize that my greatest power is not necessarily being able to shield off every possible scenario through the day with supernatural force.  My greatest superpower is the reality that I am, in fact, human.

I’m amazed at how successful you can be by simply being honest with the people around you.  It may be one of the key elements in a client services business.  I genuinely care about the encounters I have with my clients and want to leave them feeling positive about working with me (yes, my family included).  So, I’ve learned to say sorry when I screw up.  I try to remember to say please and thank you as often as I can.   I try to demonstrate a willingness to jump into the trenches to tackle a task because it has to get done yesterday.   I want people to know that I appreciate the opportunity to work with them.

We may not always be successful in every little thing we set out to accomplish, but we can handle it in a way that lets people know we care and we tried our best.  Success is inevitable when we strive to have genuine relationships with those around us (coworkers, clients, friends and family) and carry our egos in our back pocket.  Superwoman I am not – but I sure have fun trying to be.

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Natalie Hopkins, CPA
Audit Manager

Natalie services audit and assurance clientele with their annual compliance needs and general consulting services. Her client base includes wholesale/distribution, manufacturing, retail, service organizations, and health and welfare organizations. Natalie was chosen as an “Emerging Leader” by the Indiana CPA Society.
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