American Legion Auxiliary to Serve Veterans For Another Century

| Client Spotlight

Coming home may be the end of one journey for many veterans; it is also the beginning of a new journey to transition to a “new normal.” Helping these heroes get there has been the core of the mission and service of the American Legion Auxiliary (ALA) since its founding in 1919. Members are passionate about providing care and comfort for our U.S. service members.

The American Legion Auxiliary, an Alerding CPA Group client since 2006, is the world’s largest women’s patriotic service organization and is making a difference in the lives of veterans across the country. Nearly 800,000 members volunteer their time and donate their dollars to assist veterans, award scholarships, support the healing arts for veterans, promote patriotism in youth and more.

“On this Veteran’s Day 2014, Alerding CPA Group is proud to support our relationship with this worthwhile patriotic organization. Our firm’s success is only possible through our client’s success, something the ALA clearly exemplifies. As they prepare for the next century, our firm will provide them with the compliance and tax knowledge they need to further their mission,” said Mike Staton, Managing Director and co-founder of Alerding CPA Group.

Whatever a veteran needs – job assistance, transportation, food, clothing, etc. – ALA volunteers do their best to provide it. ALA’s mission to assist veterans and their families as they transition back to civilian life has never been more relevant than it is today, and will continue to be tomorrow. As the American Legion Auxiliary approaches 100 years of serving veterans, the military and their families, its national strategic plan includes five goals that provide focus throughout the organization, ensuring that the next generation of veterans will receive the support they need.

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