Don’t forget to file your Business Entity Report

| Alerding Alerts, Business Miscellaneous

Recently, several of our clients businesses’ were administratively dissolved because they failed to file their annual or biennual (every two years) Business Entity Reports with the Indiana Secretary of State.  It’s a simple inexpensive form to file, but a critical one to keep your company or nonprofit organization running smoothly.

The deadline is tricky, which is why these clients overlooked the filing of this form. The filings are due during the anniversary month of your business’ formation or the anniversary month in which you were granted authority to do business in the state. As a courtesy, the Secretary of State sends a reminder notice the month your report is due.

The report can be quickly filed online or submitted by mail.  And filing of the report costs between $10-$30.

In previous years, nonprofits were required to file annually.  However, effective July 1, 2016, nonprofit organizations will change from an annual payment cycle to a biennial payment cycle.

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