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I recently invited a couple of our young professionals to reveal some of their insights as they conclude their rookie season with Alerding CPA Group.  Both Evan Rauch and Tyler Kleinschmidt joined our firm in September 2012 as members of our audit team and can officially say they’ve survived their first year in public accounting.

Public accounting can be an intimidating field to launch your professional career.  What were your feelings in the days and weeks before you started with Alerding CPA Group?

Evan: Excitement, anxiety, and stress were all feelings that I was experiencing before I started.  I was excited for my first day and ready to learn, but also nervous that my expectations of public accounting were going to be wrong.  I didn’t really know what to expect.

Tyler: Prior to joining Alerding CPA Group, I had completed accounting internships, so I was familiar with what the work entailed.  That being said, I was surprised on how much new learning would take place when starting my position.

There is a great deal of information for new staff to absorb.  Talk a little about the training you received.

Evan: I went through one week of training that taught me the basics of how to do my job as an auditor, and the next week I was working in the field on my first audit.  I was nervous and scared I was going to make a mistake, but it was also comforting to know that I had a team of other employees that were there to help me with any questions I had.

Was it hard to jump into the field so quickly?

Tyler: I felt like I was learning something new every day.  I’d also say that even though I was aware of the “busy season,” the amount of time that goes into juggling different jobs was surprising. Through working on a variety of jobs, I was able to learn about the nature of different businesses and how they operate.

What surprised you the most during your first year?

Tyler: I was impressed by how well the Organization seemed to gel, and how easy it was to assimilate into the audit team.  I was able to interact and work with all levels of management.  I felt very comfortable going to Partners and upper management with any questions or concerns I had during the year.

Evan:  Working in teams was one thing that I had always heard about public accounting, specifically auditing; but I didn’t realize how important it really was.  After working for a year, I now realize to be successful, it is important to have good co-workers that make up a great team!

Closing thoughts?  And what do you hope to build on during your Sophomore year?

Evan: It has been really interesting to hear clients tell stories about their businesses and some of the ups and downs they have been through.  Hearing these stories and understanding the passion that these business owners have for their companies motivates me to do whatever I can to help them become as successful as possible.

Tyler: I have been amazed at the amount of information I have learned indirectly.  I look forward to continuing to gain knowledge through my interaction with all levels of staff, top to bottom, in addition to the one-on-one interaction with clients and learning from their experiences.

Alerding CPA Group is an Indianapolis-based public accounting firm.

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Natalie Hopkins, CPA
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Natalie services audit and assurance clientele with their annual compliance needs and general consulting services. Her client base includes wholesale/distribution, manufacturing, retail, service organizations, and health and welfare organizations. Natalie was chosen as an “Emerging Leader” by the Indiana CPA Society.
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