Indiana Tax Amnesty Letter 2015

| Alerding Alerts

Over the weekend, an Indiana Dept. of Revenue (DOR) contractor mailed letters to Indiana residents indicating that the taxpayer may owe taxes or may have under reported a tax that is eligible for the 2015 tax amnesty program.  The Indiana CPA Society contacted the DOR and received the following response.

“The purpose of the letter is solely to advise taxpayers who may have liabilities where Tax Amnesty 2015 is still an option for them. It is informative only.

Approximately 150,000 letters were sent to taxpayers who research indicated may have either under reported on a tax filing, or have not filed a return for a given year eligible for Tax Amnesty 2015. It includes both business taxpayers and individual taxpayers.

The taxpayer may not have under reported but met the parameters of the research to be identified as someone who may have. If they did not under-report, they may ignore the letter or call to confirm. If they did under-report, this is an opportunity to use Tax Amnesty 2015 to fix the problem.

If the taxpayer failed to file for a given year or tax period (a business), they could have received a letter. Again, they had to meet select criteria. If they did not miss a filing, they can call to confirm or simply ignore the letter.”

Additionally, below is a link with a further explanation.

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