Our Client Spotlight Shines on Lily Helipads and Dotlich Contractors

| Client Spotlight

“They look like dragon flies on lily pads,” revealed Sam Dotlich, while describing what a helicopter resembles when landing on a helipad. Little did Sam realize that his revelation would plant the seeds for the identity of his grandson’s, John Dotlich’s, newest company, Lily Helipads.  Lily Helipads, designer and manufacturer of innovative landing pads for helicopters, are environmentally friendly and safe while surpassing federal aviation and hospital trauma safety standards.

What makes these helipads so special is they are permeable and able to contain deicing fluid, making them more visible from above and safer to land on than competing helipads. Their proprietary design is environmentally responsible by using state of the art LED lighting. They can be controlled on the ground or in the air with smart devices and are constructed of six layers including, 12” concrete, liquid separation tanks, aggregate, a geomembrane liner, heating coils and pavers.

John Dotlich started Lily Helipads in 2015 after already operating Dotlich Contractors for 25 years. Upon fulfilling his dream of becoming a helicopter pilot, John constructed a helipad at his home. During this process, he discovered the need for safe and environmentally friendly helipads. Lily Helipads was born.

Transitioning from Dotlich Contractors to Lily Helipads was a natural segway for John based on his many years as a contractor for site development and demolition. The focus of his contracting business is providing professional earthwork solutions such as site grading, erosion control and soil stabilizaton. Based in Lebanon, Indiana, Dotlich Contractors has been serving the midwest for nearly 30 years. And Alerding CPA Group has watched them grow for over two decades while providing their accounting services and financial guidance.

“The knowledge that Dave Garrett has of our industry is something that we were unable to find at other accounting firms,” said John Dotlich, President. “He knows exactly which accounting information is required by our financial partners for us to run seamlessly. We truly feel that we have a partner with Alerding CPA Group,” he added.

“It has been a pleasure working with John and his wonderful staff,” said Dave Garrett, Director at Alerding CPA Group.” And it has been very rewarding watching his companies grow from one single start up to a thriving site development company and now a leader in helipad design and construction,” added Garrett.

To find out more about Lily Helipads or Dotlich Contractors, visit their websites, https://www.lilyhelipads.com/ or https://dotlichcontractors.com/. And to learn how Alerding CPA Group can assist you with your financial and accounting needs, visit our website at www.alerdingcpagroup.com.