The Crystal Client Spotlight shines on Aero Industries

| Client Spotlight

Innovation and global leadership is the hallmark of Aero Industries, Inc, a manufacturer of tarp systems and trailer accessories for trucks and one of Alerding CPA Group’s very first clients. With over 75 patents in the United States and Canada, Aero has become one of the nation’s leading providers of accessories for the transportation industry.

Founded in 1944 and headquartered in Indianapolis, Aero is continually enhancing and customizing products offering tarp systems and other trailer accessories for the North American trucking industry. From three plants in the US, Aero designs, manufactures, installs and distributes a variety of products to serve the steel, auto, construction, agriculture, mining, refuse and other industries. Their offerings include automatic and manual tarping systems for dump trucks and trailers, grain hopper trailers and a variety of refuse hauling applications. Aero’s premier product is the Conestoga sliding tarp system for flatbed trailers which allows a trailer to be covered in less than a minute. Recently, Aero added a line of aerodynamic products to reduce trailer drag providing up to four percent savings in fuel costs.

Aero prides themselves on their research and extensive testing going into each product that they offer. They use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software and destructive testing to determine how a design will perform on the road, allowing their engineers to create stronger, more efficient parts. They also use Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis (CFD) to determine airflow and resistance so they can maximize fuel economy.

“We first met Mike Alerding in 1980 and were so impressed by his knowledge and experience that he quickly gained our confidence,” said Jim Tuerk, Aero Industries CEO. “When he formed Alerding & Co. in the late 1990s, we stayed with him because he’d become a tremendous resource and confidant. Twenty years later, Alerding CPA Group continues to build on that solid foundation,” he added.

“It’s been my honor to work with the Tuerk family and Aero Industries for nearly four decades,” said Mike Alerding, Senior Director at Alerding CPA Group. “They have succeeded in making Aero one of the premier businesses in their industry and one of the rare third-generation run companies,” he added.

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