The Crystal Client Spotlight Shines on Heat Exchanger Design

| Client Spotlight

What weighs 8500 pounds, fits in a 7 foot square box and can cool the air from 5000°F to 120°F within two seconds?  It’s none other than a hypersonic wind tunnel that simulates earth reentry conditions which was buiIt for the aerospace program at the University of Arlington in Texas. This is one of many ground-breaking heat exchangers designed and fabricated by Heat Exchanger Design (HED), an Alerding CPA Group client since 1999.

HED prides themselves on being the “worldwide leaders in heat transfer technology”. They strive to offer the most innovative and economical heat transfer solutions while adhering to the highest standard for quality. Their impressive client list reflects this commitment to excellence. Just a few of their domestic clients include the likes of Dupont, Eli Lilly, General Motors, Exxon Mobil and Georgia Pacific. And their extensive international client list spans five continents.

Heat exchangers are an integral part of many industries around the world, including petroleum, chemical, power, and food. Their concept is simple – hot and cold fluids enter the exchanger where they “exchange heat”. When they exit the other side, the hot fluid has been cooled by the cold one, and the cold one has been heated by the hot one. Hesham Derazi identified the widespread need for this type of equipment, so he founded HED in 1984. Since then, they have grown from a small 1-2 person company offering thermal design to a sizeable manufacturing facility with over 50 employees, including some of the industry’s top engineers, which is how they can forge new paths for design.

“Heat Exchanger has benefitted greatly from working with Alerding CPA group throughout the years,” said Derazi, president of HED. “Their advice steered us toward implementing an advanced accounting software for the manufacturing environment, as well as recommending tax liability solutions and even gave us a client referral,” he added.

“We have always appreciated our relationship with Hesham and Heat Exchanger,” said Jered Fuquay, Director at Alerding CPA Group.  “It’s been fascinating to see their innovative product designs go to market and to assist them as the company has grown,” he added.

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