The Crystal Client Spotlight Shines on Litho Press

| Client Spotlight

What is 92-feet-long with an 81-foot catwalk, weighs 130 tons, required a specially poured concrete foundation, 14-foot-high ceilings and was delivered via a crane:  Litho Press’ newest printing press, the Heidelberg 47x 64.  Now that’s a printing press!

Litho Press, an Alerding CPA Group client since 1999, started in 1953 and is third generation family-owned. They purchased the Heidelberg press to deliver beautifully printed products faster and better, supporting the company’s mission to live and lead by the principles of service, honor and commitment.

“My family takes great pride in our products and the customer service that we deliver,” said Bernie Lacy, Vice President at Litho Press.  “And that’s why we’ve worked with Dave and Lou Ann for such a long time.  They and Alerding CPA Group are just as dedicated to our company as we are to our customers,” Lacy added.

Litho Press is a G7 Master printer, a rigorous certification reserved for those who consistently deliver the very best printed product.  But their commitment doesn’t stop there.  They also respect the environment through their green initiatives.  In 2015, Litho Press recycled 1355 tons of paper products which saved over 23,000 trees in addition to other practices which save oil, energy and water.

“Our relationship with Litho Press is more than just business,” said Dave Garrett, director at Alerding CPA Group.  “Working with them is like working with family.  They are devoted to the financial success of their employees, customers and vendors,” he added.

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