The Crystal Client Spotlight Shines on Mays Chemical

| Client Spotlight

Some people hear Mays Chemical Company and instantly recognize it as a large chemical distributor in Indianapolis. Others hear Mays Chemical Company and are reminded of the late Indiana businessman, Bill Mays, founder and president of the company for over three decades. Regardless of which comes to mind, Mays Chemical has grown into the 18th largest chemical distributor in North America while becoming an ambassador for Indiana.

Mays Chemical, a client of the founders of Alerding CPA Group prior to inception of the firm, has warehouses across the country and distributes products from many major chemical manufacturers.  It also provides logistical support and services to customers around the world, which has allowed Mays to become a one stop shop for chemical product needs.

Mays Chemical’s primary goal is to provide the best service a company can offer.  “Chemical distribution isn’t just about selling the chemicals, the ingredients, the product lines – it’s about the individualized services we offer to each customer, with every shipment, every single day,” said Kristin Mays-Corbitt, Mays Chemical President and daughter of the late Bill Mays.

Alerding CPA Group has continued to serve Mays Chemical since the firm’s inception in 1998.  We provide Mays’ annual financial statement audit, tax compliance services, and consulting on business strategies such as joint ventures, strategic partnerships and other transactions.

“Mays Chemical was one of our firm’s very first clients,” said Mike Staton, Managing Director for Alerding CPA Group.  “It was an honor to work alongside Bill Mays as he built his legacy and to participate in the growth of such an outstanding company,” he added.

To learn more about Mays Chemical’s products, visit its website at  If your business needs accounting assistance with an audit, succession planning or are considering a joint venture, contact Alerding CPA Group at 317-569-4181 or visit our website  Alerding CPA Group is an Indianapolis-based public accounting firm.